Affiliate Program Registration

Thank you for your interest in the DMVflyerprinting Affiliate Program!

As an Affiliate Partner and earn commissions of over $100 per sale! Affiliates earn based on their ranks and specific achievements.

Rank 1: Basic – Earnings: 5% of total sales. Requirements: None

Rank 2: Deluxe – Earnings: 10% of total sales. Requirements: 25 referrals.

Rank 3: Premium – Earnings: 15% of total sales. Requirements: 50 referrals.

Becoming an Affiliate
It is free to participate in our Affiliate Program. To start, register below and, once approved, we will provide you with links, banners, and codes to share on your website and social media accounts.  Each time a visitor orders from your website or links, you will make a percentage of the sale based on your rank. You can view real-time statistics of your progress in the online reporting section of your affiliate account page.

Program Highlights

  • Advertise using text links, banners, and other graphics.
  • Earn 5%, 10% or 15% of total sales based on your rank.
  • Receive commissions each time a visitor orders within 90 days.
  • Get paid every two weeks whenever any commissions are earned
  • View real-time statistics 24 hours a day using the Online reporting section in your account.

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